Open Positions in the Systems Biology Group

Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control

The IST is always interested in qualified PhD students and postdocs and welcomes open applications as detailed on the Institute's homepage. Possible work would involve modelling and analysis, but no wet lab work (this is only done by our collaboration partners, e.g. IZI).

Apart from the constant demand in exceptional scientists, we are currently especially looking for candidates in the following projects:

Modelling of Tumor Necrosis Factor induced signalling pathways

The candidate is expected to join into and strengthen an existing project group. The existing differential equation model developed at the institute, which includes apoptosis and NFkB signalling, is to be refined and extended in close collaboration with experimental partners. Extended model analysis shall be conducted in close collaboration with more theoretically oriented systems biologists in the group. Further details are available upon request. Selected references for further reading can be found at www.sysbio.de/.

Modelling of actin polymerization and relevance to cell migration

Polymerisation of actin filaments is an essential step in cell migration, which plays important roles in wound healing, the immune system and cancer development. The applicant should develop a dynamical model for the process of actin polymerisation with a focus on its regulation during cell migration. Experimental data from our project partners at the IZI should be used to refine and validate the mathematical model.

The IST offers a very multi-disciplinary environment with a focus on systems and control theory. However, for the above positions we would also encourage candidates from the areas of (cell-)biology, (bio-)chemistry, (bio-)physics, biotechnology, chemical engineering and related areas to apply.

The fixed-term contract will be according to TV-L (E13). A PhD graduation (Dr.-Ing.) is possible. The University of Stuttgart wishes to increase the proportion of female academic staff. Women are therefore explicitly encouraged to apply. Handicapped persons with equivalent qualifications will be given preference.

Details on how to apply can be found under www.ist.uni-stuttgart.de/jobs

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